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Miss Cameroon denied visa by US embassy

Miss Cameroon denied visa by US embassy

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Paru le vendredi, 25 novembre 2016 15:35

The US embassy in Cameroon refused an entry visa to Julie Frankline Cheugue Nguimfack, Miss Cameroon 2015.

After taking part for three successive years starting from 2013, Cameroon will be absent from the prestigious international competition Miss World which occur on 18 December in the State of Maryland, USA. And for a good reason, the US embassy in Cameroon indeed refused to deliver an entry visa to Julie Frankline Cheugue Nguimfack, Miss Cameroon 2015. The announcement was made on the official Facebook account of the Miss Cameroon Organisation Committee (COMICA) led by Ingrid Amougou.

Reached by telephone, Ms Amougou repeats this unfortunate piece of news which thus puts an end to a tradition started with Valérie Ayena, Miss Cameroon 2013. She had even honoured the country by joining the top 10 in the category “best top model” during this competition.

109 Julie Frankline Cheugue Nguimfack2

Julie Frankline Cheugue, 24 years, will not be among the 120 candidates participating in the beauty pageant which crowns the most beautiful woman in the world. Some people were spreading the rumour that Miss Julie told her entourage that if she reached the USA, she would never set foot again in Cameroon. But this rumour is unfounded and rather demonstrates the lack of confidence the consular services of the embassy have in COMICA. COMICA which, for over a decade, has been haunted by scandals.

Interviewed on the reason for this visa refusal, Ms Amougou defends herself and says that she “does not know what Julie told” the embassy. The lady in question keeps mum on social networks and cannot be reached by telephone. The campaign to support her bid in Miss World was however launched.

As a reminder, the French visa was also refused to the previous Miss Cameroon, Jessica Ngoua, due to incorrect documents. She was then invited to take part in Miss Cameroon Diaspora.



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