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Tradition requires that the gizzard is reserved only for men

Tradition requires that the gizzard is reserved only for men

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The myth around this part of chicken would forbid it to women. Is it justified?

Here, the women know it: one does not joke around with the chicken gizzard. When serving meals, make sure that this protein filled part of the chicken is reserved for the head of the family. If a young one, or a stranger, or any brave person dares to dig out this savoury meat from the main dish, he will face the irritated gaze of his neighbours. And if it is a woman who has the nerve to chomp the highly sought after gizzard, she should be quickly informed that she is committing sacrilege! Oh yes, the gizzard belongs to the head, or to the one at table, who is the eldest."This is an old tradition that is flouted nowadays, regrets Elisabeth. At that time, the wife had the obligation to reserve this part for her husband. And if she was not married, she had to share the gizzard with the other people and not eat it all alone", a fifty year old advises.


A myth which indeed, is flouted more and more; especially as gizzards are sold by the kilo at the fishmongers. At the famous Boumnyebel crossroad, between Douala and Yaoundé, one hears all over: "Gizzards! Gizzards! Gizzards!". A slogan promoted by Mr. Domche, famous seller of gizzard brochettes at Boumnyebel. One can well imagine the guardians of the myth shaking their heads in disapproval. Moreover, there is a book entitled "Married women already consume the gizzard". Its author explains: "When I was little, women didn't eat the gizzard. This title has been chosen to say that problems in a couple come from the fact that there is no longer any respect for our traditions", laments Marcel Kemadjou Njanke.

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