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Cassava sticks to change name

Cassava sticks to change name

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Paru le lundi, 26 septembre 2016 08:18

People fond of “bobolos” as we call them here, already have the jitters. They are saying on social networks that cassava sticks (fermented cassava flour cooked in leaves), called “bobolo” in short, will have a name change. The fault is laid at the door of the organisers of the upcoming female football African Cup of Nations (AfCON) due to start on 19 November.

Gossipers are complaining that in order to please foreigners, the Minister of Tourism and Leisure (Mintour) wants to appear “chic” and less rustic. The new name of “bobolo” is thus “manioc esculenta steamed bread”. A restaurant menu name that certain brains are already refusing to memorise.

Don't worry, continue to place your orders with the name “bobolos” as reference. It is only a hateful rumour against lovers of good food. “Mfiang owondo”, a popular stew in our mothers' pots has been relabelled 5 spice cream of peanuts. The familiar Nkui from our dear Western region is already called triumfetta pentandra light soup. And “Kpwem” in the village at midday is apparently not unlike fricassee of cassava leaves with nuts. A vivid imagination that can only come from a love of football.

Lucky that it only concerns an offside of naysayers. If they insist in their sad task, it is certain that macaroni and its brother spaghetti will undergo a Bantu renaming, with all due respect to the Italians.

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