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Having a second office means cheating on one’s wife

Having a second office means cheating on one’s wife

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Just like in Abidjan, Dakar and other African capitals, Yaoundé has renamed the mistresses of unfaithful men. There are called the “2nd office”.  

They are thus acknowledged as such even when they remain in the shadows. Some men are greedier. Why stop at the 2nd when one can have 3, 4, 5, 6 and so on? The first office is a reference to the professional and family settings. As, when one takes a wife, the husband knows his job description: purvey to the family’s needs and more importantly of one’s spouse. As the head of first official office, one must also do a little plumbing and give tutoring lessons to the kids. Some would rather take on more work by one or more offices to continue on the road of infidelity. And that is how the 2nd office comes about. And very often, it aggravates the atmosphere in the first office.

“Some 2nd offices lead to marriage and others are broken, pillaged and wrecked by the first office”, confides a married woman, obviously angry against these merchants of doom to whom songs are often dedicated. The topic even inspired the famous Cameroonian singer Francis Bebey (he passed away on 28 May 2001) to whom we how the title “The third office”. He sings about Julie, his 2nd office, who dared forget her scarf in the marital home. You can imagine the reaction of “the regular”.

And there they are, those off-the-record offices, parading in lyrics of songs here and there. The phenomenon has become commonplace to the point that women are now taking revenge. “Women have become masters in unfaithfulness”, complains Félix. Who will come out the winner? But another question is also worth reflecting on: how does one call the lover of a married woman? 2nd office or 1st secretary?

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