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The group Kassav will spend Christmas in Cameroon

The group Kassav will spend Christmas in Cameroon

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It is the group Kassav that Father Christmas has decided to drop in the stockings of Cameroonians this year... On this occasion the famous group will celebrate their 37-year career.

The group Kassav will drop their bags in Cameroon on 16 December 2016 for two concerts in the two main cities in the country. Jacob Desvarieux, Jocelyne Béroard and company will perform respectively in Douala on the 20 December and in Yaoundé on 22 December.

It is not certain that they will unwrap their Christmas presents under the Ongola hills, in the Cameroonian capital. Having said that, the “Zouk la se sel medikaman nou ni” quintet will be in concert at Hotel Sawa (Douala) and at the Sports Hall (Palais des Sports Yaoundé). The group Kassav coming to Cameroon is the initiative of Sa’ali Africa Sarl, a cultural production company whose headquarters are in Paris, France, a press communiqué advises.

The December show is right in line with their 37-year career anniversary. A career that started in 1979 with their masterpiece “Love and ka danse”. And since then, they have travelled around Africa and picked up numerous prizes. The last time the Caribbean group performed in Cameroon was...20 years ago, at the multi-sports stadium of Yaoundé. At the time when the Cameroonian Guy Nsanguè was a member of the Kassav ochestra. The latter replaced Frédéric Caracas on the bass guitar (1996-2002). The Kassav concerts in Douala and Yaoundé have as their theme: "Give everyone a chance, fight cancer".

We might as well say that zouk is a medicine against illness. In this regard, the group will visit the premises of the National Programme against Cancer. The fans of Patrick Saint Eloi (who left the group in 2002 after Kassav terminated its contract with American giant Sony Music and who died in 2010) will be disappointed.

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