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Producer of Reniss demanding royalties on Orange’s new ad campaign?

Producer of Reniss demanding royalties on Orange’s new ad campaign?

Paru le lundi, 27 février 2017 06:23

It seems that Jovi Le Monstre is requesting that the company compensate him for the use of the turn of phrase “dans la sauce”. True?

Jovi Le Monstre, producer of Reniss, chose Twitter to fight against the mobile company Orange Cameroun. Through messages which were themselves retwitted and commented on, the young rapper is ordering Orange Cameroun to pay royalties dividends to his “New Bell Music” label for using the turn of phrase “… dans la sauce”.


Jovi and his team claim to the authors of this concept which gained widespread fame through the song “La sauce” by their artist Reniss. A phrase which has become popular and which the official sponsor of the Indomitable Lions appropriated for their new advertising campaign. The young producer’s threats are dividing the internet community.

There are those who support him and on the other hand, those who believe it is a lost battle; unless they go for a private settlement. “Dans la sauce” is not trademarked and has become common parlance. Whatever may be the case, before Jovi, the singer Letis’ Diva also demanded royalty payment from MTN Cameroon for the use of “… que tu veux voir?” which the company used in adverts. A phrase which the singer used in one of her songs; singing “c’est les go sexy, que tu veux voir?” at the top of her lungs.

In a Cameroonian environment where the company in charge of copyrights management is lethargic, debates on “la sauce” will most probably be lengthy without an institutional referee.


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