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Yes, there are noise disturbance laws in Cameroon

Yes, there are noise disturbance laws in Cameroon

Paru le mardi, 28 mai 2019 19:07

Despite the multiplication of pubs and churches in residential areas, near hospitals and schools, there is a noise disturbance law.

Neighbours of new churches and pubs now regularly complain of noises disturbing their night rest or daily peace. Most of the time they are powerless against such a situation and many people wonder if there are noise disturbance laws in the country.

Yes, there are laws in that regard.

Section 2 of article 9 of Cameroon’s urban law (N°2004/ 003 of April 21, 2004) stipulates that "lands exposed (...) to serious nuisances ( industrial and noise pollution) and those that could potentially harm public health and local cultural values" are unfit for habitation.

In the noise and odour nuisance section of law  N°96 /12 f August 5, 1996, on environment management, article 60, Alinea 1 indicates that noises and odours that could harm human health, constitute undue discomfort for the neighbourhood and harms to the environment are prohibited.  Alinea 2 adds that people who emit those noise and odours must take necessary measures to suppress, forestall or limit the undue propagation.

Alinea 3 allows communal authorities to take measures to stop those trouble and use public force when necessary.

Article 6 of the decree N°2011/2583/PM of August 23, 2011, forbids noisy activities or works that could disturb the neighbourhood beyond the periods set by the normalisation and quality institution.


Communal authorities are allowed to send a formal letter to culprits, seal or suspend the said activities when the tolerance values or set hours are not respected.

Article 369 of the criminal code stipulates that creators of nuisances and their accomplices incur XAF2,600 to XAF3,600 fines.

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