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In Cameroon, giving money with the left hand is bad omen

In Cameroon, giving money with the left hand is bad omen

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In Cameroon, giving objects, especially money, to a person, with the left hand is not well perceived. Generally someone acts this way, his or her intentions are immediately interpreted as bad. "He is not pleased to do this", "he is stingy", or even "he will use magic to get the money back on his way home", these is generally what is thought of such a person. It is also said that if a person receives money with the left hand, the money will not be able to achieve anything tangible.

Tradition correlates this practice to the good and evil duality. In religion, we speak of the right hand of God, but also of the "impure" left hand. Evil in this context is usually associated with the left and good with the right.

This belief is very implausible. More so since the human heart which is essential to life, and often used to symbolize love, is on the left side of the chest. Moreover, the left hand is most useful when performing difficult tasks daylily. Let’s say the hypothesis of the evil left hand is true, what should we think about left-handers who use their left hand every day the same way a right-hander would with his right hand? 

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