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Petit-Pays has indeed been admitted at Douala hospital!

Petit-Pays has indeed been admitted at Douala hospital!

Paru le vendredi, 28 septembre 2018 18:13

Rumors have it that the renowned singer was hit by a motorcycle last Thursday. True?

Petit-Pays hospitalized? Yes, many people still think that this is a rumor sparked to promote a recent song released by Rabba Rabbi but truly, Petit-Pays has been admitted at Douala hospital on September 27, 2018.

"He was hit by a motorcycle while crossing the road to go to his house at Makèpè after sports", Mathématik, the Maestro’s spiritual son said.

The singer who quickly went to his 'father’s' bedside informed that the latter has a broken arm, leg, broken teeth, and a head injury.

Since then the maestro’s fans have been rushing to the hospital but, the entrance is screened. Only some selected individuals are allowed to meet the most popular singer in Cameroon.


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