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There is apparently a witchcraft school in Cameroon

There is apparently a witchcraft school in Cameroon

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Cameroon supposedly hosts a witchcraft school to enable Africa to conserve its customs and not be overtaken in this area by other world regions. How about we check that?

If there is a wizard who does not hide in Cameroon, it is definitely retired journalist François Bingono Bingono; who formerly worked for Poste National. The former presenter of “Au cœur de la nuit” (a program on the occult) recently affirmed on a TV set that there was a witchcraft school in Cameroon and even in Africa. And many already picture themselves there. We can imagine that the journalist-ethnomusicologist (he has several occupations) would be one of the lecturers. Especially since on 29 January, the now-doctor in cultural anthropology defended a doctoral thesis on witchcraft, at the University of Yaoundé I-Ngo Ekellé. He tried very hard to prove that there is a caste of favoured ones who communicate with the dead; the world beyond.

And François Bingono Bingono has arguments to support his plea for the opening of a learning centre focusing on the workings of the invisible world in Africa. “This is a field which has already been explored by researchers in developed countries, he indicated on the website The have even invented devices to assert the presence of spirits in a room. […] Africa must not let itself be overtaken in a field so present in our customs; advised the sixty-ish man. We must not wait for the others to come and explain to us the mechanisms of realities known here by us”, insists this expert in “crypto-communication”, also president of the Witchcraft Practitioners Association of Cameroon.

And the students of this school could be numbered in thousands. As a way of setting up this situation, a new lexical craze recently appeared on social networks. It is about starting one’s sentence with “the real witchcraft is…”. To be in phase with our times, “the real witchcraft is to think that there will be a witchcraft school in Cameroon”... or not.

Monique Ngo Mayag

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