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In Cameroon, employers have no right to ask about a job seeker’s HIV status

In Cameroon, employers have no right to ask about a job seeker’s HIV status

Paru le lundi, 28 octobre 2019 16:19

Some people claim that the job seeker must show an HIV test result to the employer. Is it true?

Within this month, October 2019, the diocese of Kribi, in southern Cameroon, organized a healthcare services aptitude test. Among the documentation to be provided by candidates is "an HIV test result that is less than three months old." According to the national medical council ONMC, this requirement is unlawful.

To this end, Dr. Atedjoe Gervais Gabriel, Secretary-General of ONMC, published a press release on 25 October. "We draw your attention to the very irregular and even illegal nature of this provision because, in addition to violating medical confidentiality, it will lead to discrimination and even stigmatization of HIV positive candidates. You should also be aware that this type of practice is formally discouraged by national and international organizations fighting the AIDS pandemic," the head of this council wrote.

ONMC, as the guarantor of good practices, ethics, and medical deontology, requested the Diocese of Kribi to remove, without delay, the HIV test from the documentation. In Cameroon, HIV testing is voluntary, the council stressed. 

Sylvain Andzongo

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