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Is Christmas a public holiday in Cameroon?

Is Christmas a public holiday in Cameroon?

The answer is:
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Cameroon is a secular State and the celebration of the Nativity is still a legal holiday?

Yes, Cameroon is a secular State and discussions have been raging on the legal aspect or not of Christmas. This celebration is among the “legal religious celebrations” listed in the 7 December 1973 Act; setting the regime for public holidays in the United Republic of Cameroon.

There are in this respect two categories: on the one hand, civil legal holidays such as the new year, youth day (11 February), Labour day (1 May), national holiday (20 May). On the other hand, there are religious public holidays which are essentially Christian or Muslim: Ascension, Assumption, Christmas, Good Friday, the celebration for the end of Ramadan, the sheep festival.

These days are clearly declared as statutory holidays (no work on those days and there is no deduction from the salary). 25 December this year fell on Sunday, the President declared (decision taken through an order not a decree) Monday 26 December a non-working unpaid holiday (you can decide not to work but the salary will be affected), as the law authorises him to do. It is not mandatory to not work on legal religious holidays for workers aged 18 years and above.

Therefore, have yourself a lawfully Merry Christmas.


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