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Is there a visa lottery to migrate to Canada?

Is there a visa lottery to migrate to Canada?

Paru le mardi, 30 janvier 2018 12:10

Many websites are now offering a chance to migrate to Canada via visa lottery. Are they reliable?

Some scammers have decided to offer a Canada Visa lottery by this time when Donald Trump has temporarily suspended DV lottery visa. Some Cameroonians are sharing the news on social media but, there is no Canada visa lottery.

Indeed, in an enlightening text, Access Canada warns against that lottery


 The warning reads that “unlike the American green card which grants the right of residence in the United States and which is randomly granted, migrants to Canada are chosen based on a well-furnished application and after reference and background check. The application process can take years”.

It is thus pointless to be scammed for a lottery that does not exist. Moreover, those who want to migrate legally to Canada can learn more about the procedure with Canada’s high commissioner in Cameroon which is based at Bastos in Yaoundé. 

Monique Ngo Mayag

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