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Afriland First Bank is looking for 100 front desk officers

Afriland First Bank is looking for 100 front desk officers

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Paru le vendredi, 30 septembre 2016 07:55

Jobseekers have been passing the news for a week now. “Afriland First Bank is looking for 100 curriculum vitae (CV), baccalaureat level + 2/3 years of tertiary education to be considered for a test for front desk officers, account managers and cashier positions”, one can read on social networks, particularly on WhatsApp groups and Facebook walls.


Applicants should send their documents to Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.. Actually, there is nothing as such. Afriland First Bank did not launch a recruitment search, with all due respect to those who were already imagined themselves in the “cash handling” business.

The Communications Manager of this bank advised internet users on 16 September through the official Facebook account (Afriland First Bank): “Dear supporters, contrary to an ongoing rumour, spreading through social networks, Afriland First Bank did not start a large recruitment operation for front desk officiers, account managers/cashiers”, the communiqué informs. Concluding with kind regards.

A message which does not enchant the many young people who applied, according to the high number of comments this post generated. “You reall should hire; these people spreading rumours are right. I have to wait two hours in the queue at your Mendong branch (an area in Yaoundé, Ed.) for a transaction”, railed an internet user.

Such rumours have been increasing in an environment where the unemployment rate is 13% according to official data and where the informal sector represents 90% of the job market (or the subcontracting market). Youth in the 15-34 age group are those most affected by this scourge.

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