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Beware, scammers are trying to get people’s bank details over the phone

Paru le jeudi, 04 juin 2020 16:54

Some individuals are taking advantage of the measures issued by the government to control the spread of the coronavirus (including restrictions on non-essential travel) to defraud their victims. They call their target on the phone, posing as business advisors from the victim’s bank and try to get the latter’s account number and bank card code.

Beware, this is called "phishing," a technique that consists of obtaining personal data to commit a scam. This method is much more widespread on the Internet but is also dangerous over the telephone. Several people with accounts in Cameroonian banks have recently reported being cheated by these cybercriminals.

To avoid these scams, experts recommend, among other things, that you never give out your bank details unless you are the one to call the bank. They also recommend to never disclose the banking cards’ codes, which are confidential details. It is advisable to call your bank immediately in case you disclose your bank details during a phone call that seems suspicious. That way, the bank can cancel your cards.  


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