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Buca E-Ticket: A fake Facebook page that sells digital bus tickets

Paru le vendredi, 13 mars 2020 12:50

No time to waste queuing for a bus ticket at the counter of Bucavoyages transport? Well, why not get one online in a few seconds? That's exactly what the Buca E-ticket service offers on Facebook. “It makes the life of travelers easier.” How does it work? Simple: you just buy your ticket by sending an SMS to 205*100*C*1*1 or 694 50 06 00/653 70 25 00. After paying for your ticket, you get it via SMS and all that's left is to head to the bus station for your travel.

While this may be a brilliant idea, it is unfortunately just another scam. “Bucavoyages does not allow the payment of its tickets online or via orange money/mobile money. Tickets can be purchased only at our counters,” a statement released last February 20 by the bus company reports. 

Be therefore wary of fake Facebook pages and mobile accounts created under the name of this company or risk being swindled. 


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