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It is said that Camair-Co has suspended bookings

It is said that Camair-Co has suspended bookings

Paru le jeudi, 02 février 2017 06:22

The rumour going around is that if you want to travel with the national airline, you have to the purchase the plane ticket on the day of the flight.

Many users have been reading on social networks for some days now that it is no more possible to book flight tickets from the national airline, Camair-Co. “Camair-Co is going back to the dark ages. You cannot book tickets before travelling. You can only purchase your ticket on the day of the flight”, the message implies.

The airline was contacted and claims to be surprised by this rumour. The communication service refers to an explanation on its website: “The booking engine is in scalable maintenance. We apologise for this inconvenience. It will soon run again. Thank you for your understanding”. In other words, Camair-Co explains, it is only impossible to make bookings online.

However, in travel agencies and even the branches of the company, it is possible to access bookings. Proof of this, the communication services indicate, is that a telephone number is currently being broadcasted for those, from Douala or Yaoundé, who are interested in experiencing live the Africa Cup of Nations currently being played in Gabon. The first flight is scheduled for 28 January 2017.

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