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Cameroon wants to lower communal stamps' prices in 2018

Cameroon wants to lower communal stamps' prices in 2018

Paru le dimanche, 03 décembre 2017 17:48

A bill to lower the price was submitted to parliamentarians on November 27, 2017.

Could the price of the Cameroonian communal stamp decrease in 2018? Yes.

Indeed, the 2018 finance act submitted to parliamentarians also consecrates a bill to the communal stamp. It aims to reduce its price to CFA500. The finance act states that “the communal stamps to be collected by municipalities is fixed at CFA500. It is for documents whose size is not larger than the A4 format”.

Truly, the communal stamp has increased from CFA200 to CFA600 on January 3, 2017. To explain this increase, Modeste Mopa, the director general of the tax office said that Cameroonians “must understand that we are decentralizing our administrations and, decentralization is not effective unless the decentralized territorial units are provided with the resources necessary to carry out their programs. The communal stamp has been established long ago. Its price has remained CFA200 for long. In view of the economic evolution and the inflation, it was time to increase the price from CFA200 to CFA600”. Cameroon’s government has decided to review the price for the 2018 fiscal year.


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