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Camrail is recruiting 45 railway workers

Camrail is recruiting 45 railway workers

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Paru le mercredi, 04 janvier 2017 07:20

Jobseekers have been sharing the news on social networks. Camrail, the railway company, is supposedly recruiting 235 ticket inspectors and 45 railway workers for its different stations.

The conditions and deadline to apply are going around WhatsApp groups at the speed of light. A job offer that Camrail immediately denied on the company's Facebook page. One can read that “Camrail informs the public that it has not launched any recruitment for inspectors. The information being spread on the subject has no basis. Camrail would like to remind the general public that all its job offers are available through its website:”.

So ultimately, there is recruitment plan at Camrail for any “revival of its new trains and renewal of its personnel”; as announced by the fake and grammatically-challenged job offer. Enough to discourage the most audacious of jobseekers.

Those who quickly drafter their cover letters showing that they were between 17 and 45 years old, with at least their O-levels certificate or any other equivalent diploma and above all “available and responsible”.

All pre-requisites stipulated by the above-mentioned fallacious offer. Which has an email address and a telephone number (675 363 410) whose owner (who goes by the name Charle Mbock) is said to be available from 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. A quick call to the individual shows that he keeps calm and steady. And what does he have to say about Camrail’s refutation? “Why would there be a denial? This is a credible offer”, he claims. The con-man does not give up...


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