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Yes there is an App to generate fake WhatsApp conversations

Yes there is an App to generate fake WhatsApp conversations

Paru le lundi, 04 février 2019 17:42

Rumors suggest there are some applications to create fake WhatsApp conversations

Fake WhatsApp conversations are currently shared in Cameroon. Every single day, people share tons of such messages. The truth is that there are free Apps that can be used to create fake conversations. These are, among others, whatsfakeapp, WhatsApp Fake Chat Generator, Fake Chat Conversation. 

These apps, (https://defimedia.

info/whatsapp-creer-une-fausse-conversation-est-un-jeu-denfant) also allow to produce false screenshots of conversations.

How does it work? explains you just have to choose the name of the interlocutor, add a profile picture, then create the different messages of the fake conversation. All details are customizable, such as the status of the interlocutor (Online, Typing, Busy, etc.) or signs informing if a message has been received and read...

Fortunately, however, there are applications available to verify the authenticity of a WhatsApp conversation, such as the “Forensic” software often used by official police or intelligence services.

Sylvain Andzongo

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