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Cameroon : Army dismantles a pro-independent retrenchment camp in the North-West

Cameroon : Army dismantles a pro-independent retrenchment camp in the North-West

Paru le mercredi, 04 mars 2020 16:04

A hostage was freed and arms seized during the raid

The Cameroonian army recently dismantled the retrenchment camp of a separatist armed group in "Small Babanki," a locality in the Mezam department in the North-West region.

Thanks to the operation, carried out in the night of 27 to 28 February by elements of the 5th Joint Militarydistrict, ten “ pro-independent terrorists,” including  "three women," were neutralized according to a statement issued by communications minister René Emmanuel Sadi.

The leader of this separatist movement, Richard Nformumbang Ndango, alias ‘General Fire Man’ is one of the terrorists neutralized during this operation,” the document signed on Monday, March 2, reveals.

The government communication also reveals that a hostage kidnapped by the separatists was freed and a stock of arms, ammunition, explosives, and two vehicles were seized during the raid.  

In the morning of Tuesday 25 February 2020, armed individuals claiming to be from the "Ambazonia” separatist movement attacked the construction site of the 5th Joint Military district's command Post at Mendankwe, Bamenda.

 "These hordes of outlaws, ambushed around the site, opened fire on the vehicle transporting the workers and an elite unit of our Armed Forces in charge of protecting the construction site," the release indicates. Two people died during the attacks. They are namely Private Manga Folefack Arnauld Gautier and the civil technician of the construction site, Ntchinda Nickson.

Since 29 February 2020, there has been social and online media posts accusing the Cameroonian army of having killed 15 people, including five women and four children, in the "Yoruba" district of "Small Babanki", Tubah district. According to the government, these allegations are false.  


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