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An Ecole normale supérieure is under creation in Bertoua

An Ecole normale supérieure is under creation in Bertoua

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It is believed on social networks that there are 250 places on offer with an application-based selection. Let us explore this…

Social networks are definitely proving a handful for the Cameroonian government. These days, they are announcing that an Ecole Normale Supérieure is currently being created in Bertoua, in the Eastern region. And that 250 places are on offer, through an application-based selection.

Jacques Fame Ndongo, Minister of Tertiary Education, Chancellor of the Academic Orders, reacted by publishing on 1 November 2016 a refutation. “This rumour spread through social networks is the type which leads parents, students and pupils to get mistaken, turning them into victims of a scam engineered by those who started it”, cautioned Mr Fame Ndongo.

In his communiqué, the Minister of Tertiary Education asked those who might be inclined to listen to these “hare-brained ideas” to turn down flat the dream peddlers who might reach out to them to submit application files.

The government member moreover estimates that this is “this is a fantasist distribution of the quota per course broadcasted by internet users, obviously with no regard for the future of the university youth”.

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