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Women in Politics : 58 women elected for the national assembly

Women in Politics : 58 women elected for the national assembly

Paru le jeudi, 05 mars 2020 16:27

More could even be elected during the by-elections

Of the 167 deputies elected during the 9 February 2020, legislative elections, 58 are women. That number could even increase after the by-elections to be organized soon in the North-West and South-West regions (11 electoral districts representing a total of 13 deputies).

During the 9th term that just ended, there were 56 women out of 180 deputies. Before 2012, there were barely 25 women in the national assembly.

According to Justine Diffo Tchunkam, national coordinator of the “More Women in Politics” network, this increase in the number of women deputies is not only due to the work of her association (which advocates for a massive presence of women in politics) but also to changes in the electoral law.

According to the coordinator, the main reason the number of women increased is the gender factor accounted for in the electoral code. She nevertheless believes that there would be more women in the National Assembly if a decree establishing a specific quota is issued.

Even if more women are not elected during the by-election, with more than 32% of parity rate, Cameroon has already exceeded the UN standards that require a quota of at least 30% of women MPs. On the other hand, Paul Biya's country is still far from a country like Rwanda, which has nearly 61% of women MPs in its National Assembly.


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