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Are Cameroon’s visa fees above €100 in the country’s embassy in Paris?

Are Cameroon’s visa fees above €100 in the country’s embassy in Paris?

The answer is:
Paru le mercredi, 07 février 2018 16:25

Some visa requesters surprised of the €125 fee think of a fraud. Are they right?

Some travelers who wish to go from France or Belgium to Cameroon are surprised that the visa fee has increased. “At the general consulate in Paris, it is said that the visa fee is €120 (about CFA80,000). On passports, however,  it is marked €97 and €90.  It sounds like a fraud”, said a French citizen born in Cameroon and who is sojourning in Yaoundé.  

The price change is not a scam. Since 2016, finance law, the fee for a tourist visa is €115. For express services, the visa seeker much prepare €125. The fee for long stay visa is €230 and for express visa, it is €240.

It is true that things happen at Cameroon embassy in Paris: camerouniaiseries (Cameroononsense)”, regrets a Cameroonian who was used to the trip France-Cameroon. “The official visa fees are €115 for short stays and €230 for long stays.

However, there is always an additional €10 to €20 to add (without an invoice of course). They don’t agree for checks or credit card. They only accept cash”, he said angrily.

Monique Ngo Mayag

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