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Yes Cimencam is hiring in November 2018

Yes Cimencam is hiring in November 2018

Paru le mercredi, 07 novembre 2018 17:45

A letter suggests new recruitments within the company. True?

On November 3rd, job offer web platforms and individuals on social networks relayed a letter informing all employees of Cimencam, a subsidiary of the French building materials group Lafarge, of recruitments within the company. Positions available include a compensation and benefits assistant, an IT technician, an electrical tank engineer, a process tank engineer, a career supervisor and a weigher.

The letter dated October 26, 2018 bears the letterhead of Cimencam and a signature supposedly belonging to Ebezerine Moudio, the Country Human Resources Director and O&HR Coordinator of Lafarge Holcim West Africa Cluster. At the bottom of the page, you will find the company’s various addresses, static registration number and taxpayer number. It seems authentic but raises doubts because of the absence of these offers on its official website:

This is not a fake job offer scam. “It is authentic,” says Pauline Ngangue, the Director of Communication. “This announcement was published internally, that’s why it does not contain details relating to the positions to be held, such as a description of the company, the various positions, the main missions and tasks to be performed. However, you can exploit it” she says.

With regard to the absence of this information on the website, Pauline Ngangue explains that if the information has not been disseminated there, it is simply because the website is being updated. 

As for public communication on the matter, the Cimencam Director of Communication ensures that she is working closely with the Human Resources Department to produce a public communication that will include missing details.

Rose Sende

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