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Cameroon supposedly produces certified white honey

Cameroon supposedly produces certified white honey

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It is said that Cameroon is one of the rare countries worldwide selling this quality product. True?

It is more common to consume brown honey. But white honey, who has ever seen this in Cameroon? Surely the inhabitants and visitors of Oku, a town located in the North-West English-speaking region. Over there, over 600 beekeepers extract on average 20 tons of white honey every year.

A very lucrative activity, especially as Oku white honey is certified and bears the protected geographical indicator (IGP), awarded by the African Intellectual Property Organisation (Oapi) since May 2012.

An international recognition which is meant to boost the sales of this product and above all better regulate and monitor its production. A production made special by the environment and flowers from where the bees gather pollen on Oku heights.

These are the schefflera abyssinica and nuxia congesta flowers which, according to researchers , are the reason for the creamy taste and white colour of the Oku honey. Ingredients which add up to the medical properties of this honey.


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