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No, Paul K. Fokam does not grant interest-free loans

No, Paul K. Fokam does not grant interest-free loans

Paru le vendredi, 12 janvier 2018 02:44

Still, it is said on social media that the billionaire grants interest-free loans of up to €5 million.

On January 10, 2017, many Facebook users have read with surprise a post attributed to Paul Kammogne Fokam, banker and founder of the Afriland First Bank group. “Nobody deserves to live without a project. That is why our bank, your bank, Afriland first bank, put at your disposal up to €5 million interest-free loans that you can pay when you want”, the post reads.

The post continues: “with very simple and favorable terms, without difficulties, (…) many types of loans such as an investment credit for projects, businesses, two credits to help families and every type of civil servants, three real estate loans for the construction of social housing and buildings…”

After the investigation, this post attributed to Paul Fokam is false. Those who have commented or liked the post will notice the scam later.  Indeed, Afriland group has commented the post, indicating that the official Facebook page of the billionaire is “Dr. Paul Kammogne Fokam”, not “Paul Kammogne  Fokam”. Moreover, it is a page, not an ordinary Facebook account.


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