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  Is Cameroon Postal Service really recruiting 170 employees ?

  Is Cameroon Postal Service really recruiting 170 employees ?

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According to social networks, the applicants must transfer exam fees via mobile money.

Pierre Kaldadak (photo), Managing Director (MD) of Cameroon Postal Service (Campost), a public company in the postal sector, signed on 10 May 2017 a communiqué “formally denying a recruitment campaign for 170 personnel members”.

The MD wrote “for some time now, ill-intentioned individuals have been spreading on social networks and in particular WhatsApp the information that Campost is currently hiring 170 young people. These con-men even specify the content of the application file and the transfer options for said recruitment”.

In the same communiqué, Pierre Kaldadak said that he had received several telephone calls in this regard. The MD concludes his text by “formally denying this completely false information”. He therefore advises each and everyone to be extremely vigilant while inviting them to promptly denounce these scammers.

Created by a presidential decree on 23 April 2004, following the merger of Société Nationale des Postes and the former Caisse d’Épargne Postale, Campost is a public company with the State of Cameroon as its sole shareholder. Its missions are to develop and operate postal networks and services, offer financial postal services, promote national savings, offer fund transfer services and manage insurance products and assets.

To date, the company has a network of 250 post offices, 10 regional branches and 80 contact points, 4 specialised establishments, 1 industrial courier and parcel l platform, 24 postal points, 10 regional delegations and a total of 1,239 employees.

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