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The Cameroonian minister of labor says he has no other citizenship

The Cameroonian minister of labor says he has no other citizenship

Paru le lundi, 13 janvier 2020 09:33

He said he does not have a dual nationality

In a recent publication on social media, Cameroonian-born activist Nathalie Yamb accused Grégoire Owona, the minister of labor of having acquired a foreign nationality. The lady said she once saw the member of government at the border checkpoint of a European country (without specifying which one, ed), in the queue of passengers with a European Union passport.

This declaration has raised voices in Cameroon where the legislation does not recognize dual nationality. But Mr. Owona took to his Facebook and Twitter accounts on January 10 to deny what is said about him. “Dear Ms. Yamb, the respect I owe you for being interested in what I said in my interview in Abidjan [Côte d'Ivoire] forces me to tell you the truth: I am of Cameroonian nationality and I am not the one you saw with a European passport […] I never asked to take another nationality. Finally, read what I said. Thank you,” Gregory Owona posted.

Following this denial, Nathalie Yamb, who was recently expelled from Côte d'Ivoire, no longer persisted in her accusations.


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