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Was Yaoundé central market burnt to ashes?

Was Yaoundé central market burnt to ashes?

Paru le mercredi, 13 juin 2018 17:26

It is said that Yaoundé central market was burnt to ashes. True?

Contrary to what is being said, Yaoundé central market was not burnt to ashes. Only one shop was burnt earlier on June 12, 2018.

This was because the firefighters promptly extinguished the fire around 6 AM and stopped it before it reached six neighboring shops.

On the Firefighters’ Facebook page, it is revealed that had they had prompt access to the shop, they could have mitigated the disaster.

For the time being, nobody knows the reasons for this umpteenth fire. Let’s note however that the main markets in Cameroon are notorious for short circuits created by the electrical wires connecting grids to the shops.


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