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The State apparently purchases pens which usually costs FCfa 100 apiece at FCfa1,000

The State apparently purchases pens which usually costs FCfa 100 apiece at FCfa1,000

Paru le mardi, 14 février 2017 10:17

This is, supposedly, what the government’s price list recommends.

It is not true what is often said that the State buys a FCfa 100 pen at FCfa 1,000. Which would represent ten times the market price. But the fact is that this roller pen, as part of a public contract, is sold at FCfa 250. Indeed, as part of the effort to clean the public finance and manage its spending, the State has set up a list with reference prices and tariffs for the goods and services meant for the public and para-public administrations. The point being to avoid over-invoicing. And due to the different taxes the supplier must pay, the cost of an item often increases.

But there is a negative effect to this price list. As an example, a ream of paper (white Bristol, 180 grams) with 100 sheets, purchased at FCfa 4,000 is sold to the State at FCfa 27,500. A one giga memory stick is sold at FCfa 94,800 instead of FCfa 15,000 on the market. A 1.5L bottle of mineral water (Supermont) is sold at FCfa 1,500 whereas this is exactly the price of a pack of six bottles of 1.5L each. A bedspread is delivered at FCfa 300,000 while it usually costs FCfa 30,000, etc.

Néanmoins, le gouvernement camerounais semble vouloir revoir ses prix à la baisse. The Cameroonian government however seems to have lowered its buying prices. It is with this in mind that during the last cabinet meeting held on 26 January 2017 in Yaoundé, the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, ordered the Minister of Finance to ensure that the price list is updated.

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