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It is true : UCB has vacant positions

It is true : UCB has vacant positions

Paru le lundi, 16 avril 2018 18:05

For days now, some job ads announce that the brewery has open vacancies. True?

About a week ago, two job ads from Union des brasseries du Cameroun (UCB) were posted on internet. According to the job ads UCB is looking for a Packaging Shift Manager and a Brand manager.

Even though there is no deadline for the applicants to send their application, the posts are not a scam. Indeed, the company has published similar ads on its website.

For the Packaging shift manager, the applicants should have a bachelor or master in industrial engineering or maintenance, computer-integrated manufacturing, robotics, automatism, mechanics, electricity, electromechanics, industrial computing, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, mathematics, or an IAA engineering degree. They must also have two years experience as a packaging line supervisor or 3 years as operations manager.

As for the brand manager, they should have not less than 3 years experience in brand management or a related field. The applicant must also hold a degree in business management, marketing or in a related field.

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