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No, Mtn Mobile Money is not stopping operations in Cameroon

No, Mtn Mobile Money is not stopping operations in Cameroon

Paru le mardi, 17 septembre 2019 16:39

According to social media rumors, MTN Cameroon will soon stop its mobile money services. Is it true?

Recently, rumors sparked on social media claiming that MTN Cameroon would stop its mobile money services. To disprove those rumors, MTN published a statement on September 16, 2019, on its Facebook account. In the statement it indicated that it is not planning on stopping mobile money operations. Rather, it is expanding in the ten regions of the country. 

Mtn Mobile Money wants to continue its development in Cameroon by offering more innovative services that facilitate users’ life and favor the financial inclusion for millions of residents,” the telecom group, which launched its mobile money services in 2009, indicates.

According to MTN, the mobile money service can’t be affected or disrupted by the events in a third-party country because it is a centralized service that couldn’t be managed from another country. “Its functioning and availability depend on MTN Cameroon with the assistance of partnering local banks where users’ funds are secured,” the operator explained.


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