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Has Orange Cameroon increased its internet connection charges?

Has Orange Cameroon increased its internet connection charges?

Paru le mardi, 18 avril 2017 06:02

According to Cameroonian League of Consumers, this price increase is due to theft of communication credit.

“Orangegate. Price of internet, theft of credit...: Do you agree to boycott Orange next Saturday 22 April?”. This is the message that the Cameroonian League of Consumers have been broadcasting since 6 April 2017. For the League, it is a question of sanctioning the mobile telephone company, Orange Cameroon, which has increased internet connection charges.

The Manager of Institutional Relations of Orange Cameroon, Samuel Ngondi, explains that this is a partial interpretation of the revision of offers. “Orange Cameroon has in effect, not only revised its Internet packages with the aim of proposing to each client a package adapted to their real consumption requirement, but has also reduced the number of  packages in order to facilitate the client's choice. This is the reason why we created two packages of three days which are a novelty in our range of Internet offers and on our market".

To simplify choice, explains Samuel Ngondi, Orange Cameroon proposes three types of internet packages : packages of 24 hours, packages of three days and packages of 30 days. The offer that has been cancelled is that of 7 days. In other words, the prices have not been increased, but it is the types of packages that have been reformulated.

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