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Is the company Aéroports du Cameroun recruiting in May 2017?

Is the company Aéroports du Cameroun recruiting in May 2017?

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Unidentified individuals are sharing information according to which Managing Director Thomas Owona Assoumou is promising positions in exchange for money.

The rumour has been spreading in this month of May 2017 that the State company “Aéroports du Cameroun” (ADC – Cameroon Airports) is recruiting. The Managing Director of ADC, for his part, denied this. In a communiqué published on 11 May 2017, Thomas Owona Assoumou advises that “a group of individuals claiming to act in their own names and/or in the name of the Human Resources Director, is pretending to be recruiting for ADC S.A. in exchange for money or telephone credits”. While disclaiming his responsibility and that of the company in such practices contrary to the procedures of ADC S.A. in terms of recruitment, the Managing Director invited jobseekers to be more critical in their judgement.  

Aéroports de Cameroun S.A. has been operational since 1994. The company is directly responsible for the management, development and operation of the 7 airports located in Cameroon: Douala, Yaoundé-Nsimalen, Garoua, Maroua-Salak, Ngaoundéré, Bamenda and Bertoua.

The sources of revenue of ADC mainly come from payments for its airport services. These include aviation licences (landing, parking, fuel, runway lights, passengers), specialised licences (baggage sorting), taxes paid by airlines and passengers, rents for shops, lands and parking lot revenues.

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