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“Source Tangui” is a foreign mineral water?

“Source Tangui” is a foreign mineral water?

The answer is:
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According to some rumours, Société des Eaux Minérales du Cameroun is producing foreign bottled water just like Contrex, Perrier or Badoit. True?

Considering the virulence with which Société des Eaux Minérales du Cameroun (SEMC), leader in the sector with 49% of market share, led a “truth” campaign to defend its product “Source Tangui”, some time ago, it is today established that the brand was victim of prejudice, labelling it a foreign product. And thus a foreign bottled water on par with Contrex, Perrier or Badoit.

To try and assert the truth, a source within SEMC indicates, it was first about recalling that out of a capital of FCfa 1.924 billion, Cameroonians owned FCfa 700 million, thus 36% of this company, created on 16 January 1979, but which started operating and selling its natural mineral water in October 1983.

Then, the communication service of the company had to explain that “Source Tangui” benefits from a triple security perimeter, where it is collected in South-West Cameroon (over 6 hectares in diameter protected from human influence in order to guarantee the purity of the sourcing well. In addition, it is the only water naturally enriched with minerals, whose mineral composition remains stable under watchful testing and monitoring by the Laboratoires Vichy St Yorre (France), Centre Pasteur (Cameroon) and the National Medical Order (ONMC). Finally, it was also about reminding that the product is certified ISO 9001:2008.


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