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Some people claim that Orange debited all Orange Money accounts to pay its debt.

Some people claim that Orange debited all Orange Money accounts to pay its debt.

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A screenshot of a presumed tweet from Orange Caremoon is at the origin of this belief.


A screenshot of the twitter account of Orange Cameroon is largely shared online. In the tweet on this screenshot, Orange Cameroon notified its subscribers that it will debit their accounts to pay the contentious debt which opposed the company to Camtel these days. Though the tweet seems legit, it is probably a hoax.  

Orange Cameroon has two twitter accounts: an official account for the company named Orange Cameroon and the second one OrangeCare CMR for customer care. The two accounts are not certified by Twitter as there is no blue badge, which shows that an account is certified by Twitter, on the name.  

The only certified twitter account named “Orange” is for the head office of the French multinational. The tweet on the screenshot being shared seems to be from this account but, on the date mentioned, October, 18, this account only tweeted two times and, none of these tweets referred either to Cameroon or to the payment of a debt of some kind. They referred to the symbolic of the number “42” and to its subsidiary in Sierra-Leonne.

That day, the certified account also retweeted many celebrities’ certified accounts and, none of those accounts mentioned Cameroon.

Those still unconvinced can check on the official twitter account here:

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