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No, Sadou Hayatou hasn’t passed on

No, Sadou Hayatou hasn’t passed on

Paru le jeudi, 23 août 2018 17:02

Rumors suggest the 76-year old former minister died this Wednesday. True?

Some were already praising his life’s journey, updating his biography and posting post-humous tributes to announce Sadou Hayatou's death.

Though sick and old, the former minister still breathes. “My husband is well. You should have a minimum of decency,” his wife Senator Pierrette Hayatou shared very early this morning in a whatsApp group called “Les Amis du Septentrion”.

In addition, other family members denied this false rumor which has spread like wildfire.

It’s not time yet for the former Prime Minister (1991-1992) to die. Naysayers would still have to wait.


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