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Mfoundi elites complained to Paul Biya via a memorandum

Mfoundi elites complained to Paul Biya via a memorandum

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Paru le dimanche, 23 octobre 2016 18:15

It was through an unsigned letter that elites from the Mfoundi district addressed their grievances to the Head of State. Is that true?

The controversy is currently raging in Cameroon on whether or not, elites from the Mfoundi district, the location of the capital with all the institutions, referred to President Paul Biya through a memorandum their complaints of abusive expropriation, non-respect of the representation quota of the Mfoundi nationals, ostracism, invasion, etc.

One thing can be certified: the unsigned vitriolic letter was widely published in the local press. But accusing fingers within the general public are saying this letter was penned by Emile Onambélé Zibi, executive legate of the Association des patriarches autochtones du Mfoundi. He however denies having done as such but, gives a major precision to the press: “The Letter from the Mfoundi patriarchs and notables addressed to the President of the Republic has been drafted and awaiting his recipient”. In other words: Paul Biya has not yet received it.

On 19 October, the political and administrative elite of Yaoundé gathered around André Mama Fouda (Minister of Health), Philippe Mbarga Mboa (Counsellor at the Office of the President) and Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa (Minister in charge of SME), to deny any implication with this famous “memorandum” while also excluding their legate.

Therefore, if the President has not yet been addressed by the elite originating from Yaoundé, Emile Onambele Zibi for his part maintains: “This letter from the Elders holders of the traditional knowledge does not need elites and even less a minister, it simply states the preoccupations of our populations because this is about the protection the minorities and the respect of our constitution which provides for the protection of the minorities and protecting autochthonous populations. The Mfoundi populations must not disappear to the benefit of others”.

Sylvain Andzongo

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