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Yes, the ministry of justice is recruiting secretaries

Yes, the ministry of justice is recruiting secretaries

Paru le lundi, 24 juin 2019 14:43

An announcement signed by the minister of justice is being shared on social media indicating a vast recruitment process launched by the ministry. Is it true?

For some days now, a document announcing a large recruitment process at the ministry of justice is being shared on social media. According to the document, 200 secretaries are to be recruited. Some users believe that it is a scam scheme but, this is authentic.

On May 31, 2019, the minister of justice Laurent Esso issued a notice of candidacy for the recruitment of 200 secretaries "for the jurisdictions as well as central and decentralised services" of his ministerial department. The document informs that the applications will be assessed and an aptitude test conducted.  

The said recruitment is open to male and female Cameroonians aged between 17 and 40 years old by January 2019. They must hold a bacalaureate degree and technician certificate.

Candidates aged between 17 and 35 years old by January 2019 must hold the vocational certificate, the junior secondary school diploma or an entrance certificate.

They must submit their application by September 6, 2019. The shortlisted applicants will be published by the ministry of justice ten days before the aptitude test planned to be held on October 5, 2019.

"The administrative fees of XAF20,000 should be paid at the nearest post office in the name of the Ministry of Justice's director of general affairs. The receipt delivered after the payment will be enclosed in the application form,” the announcement adds.


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