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It is said that SOSUCAM has launched recruiting this month

It is said that SOSUCAM has launched recruiting this month

Paru le lundi, 24 juillet 2017 09:45

Cameroon's sugar company, subsidiary of Somdiaa, supposedly launched recruitment this month.

There is no recruiting at the Société Sucrière du Cameroun (Cameroon’s Sugar Company), SOSUCAM, this month of July 2017, reveals a statement dated July 19, 2017, from Louis Yinda, CEO of the company.

Over the past weeks, ill-intended individuals have spread on social networks and other communication media, and even across some candidate-selection firms, news of hiring at SOSUCAM. The SOSUCAM wishes to tell all that these are false announcements and that the firm never started any recruitment,” reads the statement.

The CEO therefore called the public to more caution as the rumors spread on social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp…) are part of scams whose motives are only known by their perpetrators. “Hiring at SOSUCAM is steered by the human resource office,” the executive added.


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