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Orange Cameroun is now calling customers to offer paid games

Orange Cameroun is now calling customers to offer paid games

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Paru le samedi, 24 décembre 2016 10:28

The telecoms operator is no more confining itself to sending text messages inviting subscribers to play games.

“At midday, my telephone rang and the number 919 appeared on the screen. At the other end of the line is a RFI comedian. ‘Hi my name is Mamane from the esteemed Republic of Gondwana, if you want to listen to my shows, press 1. You will be charged the first time 50 F for a day and then, it is free. Do it quickly otherwise you will have to answer to the Founder President'. And so what?”

This complain from a customer of telecoms operator Orange Cameroun posted on Facebook on 20 December 2016, is currently leaving many in disbelief. For many more, it is surreal to say that Orange broke away from sending the traditional games through text messages to just outright call users to push them to play.

However, Orange Cameroun confirms that the game accessible through dialling “919” has existed for several months. The subscriber first gets a free call. Then their account will be debited if the client actually starts playing. But, as specified by the Communication Unit at Orange, the clients who are often called to play are selected from a database gathering the details of people who are used to playing via text messages.

“We are alternating between text and voice messages. If a client is not interested, he makes a request to the customer care service. Ultimately, he will not be called again”, says the telecoms operator.


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