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Is the airline Camair Co out of business?

Is the airline Camair Co out of business?

The answer is:
Paru le samedi, 24 décembre 2016 10:34

According to rumours, the national company could close shop soon. What is exactly happening?

“The fact that a airline company's plane is grounded, has nothing to do with being out of business. The fact that a company could reduce the frequency of its flights or close some operation points does not mean that the company is not doing well”. These are comments from Ernest Dikoum, Managing Director of the national airline Camair Co during a press conference organised on 19 December 2016 im Douala.

Ernest Dikoum was responding to the rumour according to which Camair Co is not in operation. The MD explained that out of the five aircraft of the company, the Boeing 767 is grounded due to technical challenges, the availability of navigation charts. A 737 is in Douala, in the military airport warehouse. It has some technical problems and should be back in service by the end of this week. The other 737 is in South Africa due to landing gear problems. The two MA 60 are operational.

The MD of Camair Co announced that he launched a call for tenders to recruit a consultancy firm to audit the FCfa 35 billion debts. “If we audit the debt and it even drops down to FCfa 25 billion for example, what we propose to the State is to take the commitment to service it in time”. Before concluding: “the government is spending its air tickets money for missions with Turkish, Air France, etc. and pays cash. But we could help the State save money which will give it the opportunity to recoup within three or four years what it has already spent.

Sylvain Andzongo

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