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Cameroon is no more a tourist destination because of Boko Haram

Cameroon is no more a tourist destination because of Boko Haram

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Paru le vendredi, 25 novembre 2016 15:33

The country, it is said, does not even attract the minimum of 500,000 tourists per year, based on the standard set by the World Tourism Organisation.

Rumour says that the American State Department, some time ago, published a ranking where Cameroon is the 2nd most dangerous country in the world due to the crimes Nigerian sect Boko Haram in the Extreme-North.

Though the American Ambassador, Michael Hoza, denied this allegation by declaring that “Cameroon is a peaceful country, despite security issues due to Boko Haram”, the government’s projections for 2017 give some reassurance on Cameroon as a destination.

Indeed, on 22 November 2016, during the presentation of the 2017 economic, financial, social and cultural budgetary programme of the government to Parliament, Prime Minister Philemon Yang, highlighted that Cameroon remains a tourist destination. Meaning a country welcoming at least 500,000 tourists every year, per the World Tourism Organisation.

Based on the Prime Minister’s statistics, Cameroon is expecting 950,000 international visitors in 2017.

In parallel, he indicated, the government also decided to boost the sector’s policy toward the promotion of internal tourism with projections of about 5.7 million tourists. This through leisure activities for children, young people, adults and vulnerable persons, by organising summer and holiday camps and walking tours.

To support these ambitions, Philemon Yang indicated that the State will develop 15 tourist sites. This, without forgetting to develop hotels, through the construction of 5 hotels and refurbishment and commissioning of 20 hotels using the public-private partnership model.

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