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Some say that microfinance branch Renaprov in Bafoussam has gone bankrupt ?

Some say that microfinance branch Renaprov in Bafoussam has gone bankrupt ?

Paru le jeudi, 26 janvier 2017 06:26

According to the rumour, the finance institution based in the administrative centre of the Western region is experiencing cash flow problems.

The rumour made the round of social networks on 18 January 2017 : “Renaprov, Bafoussam branch, is bankrupt”. Ferdinand Mbala Ndongo, Managing Director (MD) of the microfinance establishment (EMF) reacted quickly via a communiqué.

“During the day on 18 January 2017, the Réserve nationale de l’épargne et de la provision, shortened to Renaprov Finance S.A, was the victim of cyber attacks from as yet unidentified persons. Through social networks cyber-criminals created and claimed false allegations announcing the closure of some Renaprov Finance S.A's branches, information aimed simultaneously at manipulating clientele and destabilising the microfinance structure », the MD asserts.

Ferdinand Mbala Ndongo reassures his clientele and partners that his structure is not concerned by these poisonous WhatsApp messages and warns all the cyber-criminals working to discredit his structure which has been growing rapidly, for at least 20 years. “Moreover, the perpetrators of the above-mentioned crimes, once unmasked, will face the rigours of the law in force in Cameroon”, the MD threatens. has for its part gathered evidence from clients of the EMF in Bafoussam. In a consistent manner, services are continuing normally in this branch based in the administrative centre of the West Cameroon region. This institution created in 1996 is therefore not on the verge of bankruptcy, for the time being.

Sylvain Andzongo

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