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Road toll booth rate moves from FCfa 500 to 2,500!!

Road toll booth rate moves from FCfa 500 to 2,500!!

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Paru le lundi, 26 septembre 2016 09:22

The Ministry of Transport is not breathing any easier. A website mentions that the rates of road toll booth could soon change; moving from FCfa 500 to 2,500. The news is not to the taste of those who were already wondering about what happens to the money collected at the toll booth!

In reality, the increase in the toll booth rate is not (officially) on the agenda. “This is a rumour, a joke; do not believe it”, advises Gédéon Adjomo, Manager of the Communication Unit at the Ministry of Finance (Minfi). For the moment, the income from the 45 toll booths, spread throughout the country, are able to refill the coffers of the Ministry of Public Works (Mintp). Every driver pays FCfa 500 for every toll booth crossing. However, according to data from 2009, only 10% of the road network is paved.

This being said, the project that Mintp is officially announcing is the automatization of 14 toll booths on the paved Yaoundé-Douala-Bafoussam-Yaoundé roads. An investment which leads one to think that the rate at the toll booth will also increase. “If an increase needs to be applied, this will have to be communicate through an official communiqué. This is only a rumour and nothing else”, repeats Adjomo from Minfi.

What is certain is that the move to automatic toll booths (as is already the case in several countries) will leave hundreds of Cameroonians without a job but will present the advantage of reducing corruption and putting a stop to fund misappropriations. 

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