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Border between Gabon and Cameroon to be closed

Border between Gabon and Cameroon to be closed

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Paru le lundi, 26 septembre 2016 09:31

The news is making the rounds on social networks. “Testimonies” are circulating on YouTube. It has been said that the border will be closed between Cameroon and Gabon...

The land border between Cameroon and Gabon through Kyé-Ossi and Abang-Minko’o has effectively been closed by the Gabonese authorities since last 26 August, the eve of the presidential election.

Cameroon security sources at the border between the two countries indicate that, because of the presidential election and the climate of tension on the Gabonese side, the land border remained closed for more than a week. But since 6 September 2016 it has been reopened by Gabon and has not been closed again to date.

As to the air border between Cameroon and Gabon, it has been reopened since 27 August, the day after the presidential election in Gabon. The evidence for example, is the number of Cameroonians who obtained visas to go to Libreville during this period. And this, in spite of the context of post-election crisis that was already noticeable, as there was little traffic at the land border, with people holed up in their homes. The market of Abang Minko’o, in Cameroon, whose principal customers are Gabonese, was sluggish.

In Gabon, concurring evidence from people living in Libreville stress that the border has been open since then to date. “There are just more attentive checks since it is this week that the Constitutional Court will give the final results of the presidential election”, states a Cameroonian based in Libreville.

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