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Can the proclamation dates for results of BEPC, Probationary and BAC actually circulating online be trusted?

Can the proclamation dates for results of BEPC, Probationary and BAC actually circulating online be trusted?

The answer is:
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Many students and parents wait impatiently for next June 30th, as it is said on social networks that results of junior high exams (BEPC) will be released on that date. However, usually, dates for the proclamation of official examinations’ results are not known in advance. "The public will be informed a few days before proclamation. There is no fixed timetable for the proclamation of the results”, said an official at the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC). 

GCE Board

The message related to the proclamation currently spread online states: “Cameroonian Office of Baccalaureate-OBC- results: Saturday June 24; industrial certificate of professional competence (CAP in French), Friday June 30; BEPC (middle school certificate), Monday July 3; BAC (senior high certificate) and industrial probationary exam, Friday July 7; commercial CAP. Monday July 10th; Commercial baccalaureate, Wednesday July 12th; General baccalaureate and Tuesday July 20th; general probationary exam”. Thing is, the OBC does not provide a fixed date for the proclamation of results. “On the other hand, we have a deadline to publish all the results, it is July 31st. In general, the last examination whose results we announce is the general probationary exam", reveals Urbain Mvoula, head of communication of the OBC.

On the other hand, OBC does not deal with the BEPC or the CAP; which are handled by MINESEC’s Examinations and Competitions Department. OBC is in charge of organizing French examinations that lead to the technical and general baccalaureate as well as the technician’s certificate, the professional certificate and the certificate of Professional Studies. Its counterpart in the Anglophone subsystem in Cameroon is the GCE Board.

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