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Yes, state university teachers have been on strike since November 26.

Yes, state university teachers have been on strike since November 26.

Paru le jeudi, 29 novembre 2018 02:35

Is it true that university teachers are on strike?

Indeed there is a strike going on in the higher education sector, which started since November 26 with the cessation of school activities (lessons, practical exercises, exams, defense etc.) in all State universities. A sit-in of members of the National Executive Bureau of Higher Education Teachers’ National Union (Ben-Synes) was also held in the Higher Education Ministry.

According to a statement dated November 26 signed by the Secretary General of the National union of university teachers (Synes), Ngounou Ngatcha Benjamin, the strike gathers 75% of teachers. It is expected to end today at 6pm.

During the Ben-Synes meeting last November 25, points raised concern better living and working conditions, supervisory problems, problems in the payment of defense and thesis allowances, the general situation of insecurity faced by teachers on the Bamenda and Buéa campuses (death, kidnapping, harassment, regular ransom demands) and those of unpaid research modernization bonuses (the last payments were made on 14 October 2018) and grade change adjustments in the first quarter of 2018.

According to a source in the teachers' community, the strike will temporarily be suspended today 28 November 2018 to assess the responses that stemmed from talks with the Ministry of Higher Education.

Rose Sende

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