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Financial Facility Cameroon 2021 announced in Douala to demystify credit access

Financial Facility Cameroon 2021 announced in Douala to demystify credit access

Paru le lundi, 05 octobre 2020 13:04

"Financial Facility Cameroon 2021" (the first credit payment solutions, and digital banking fair in the Central African region) will be organized in Douala on November 23-26, 2021 under the theme "Innovations financières, facilitées de crédit et de Paiement" (financial innovations, credit facilities, and payment solutions).

"By proposing to be at the right place at the right time for effective business, this fair should allow visitors to discover new products, assess the market, develop new networks, do business, get informed, get a head start, and understand the economic and financial platform in place in Cameroon and Central Africa," explains Agence Africaine de promotion des évènements, the agency that will organize the event.

The agency hopes to provide answers to some entrepreneurs who think they have to face extraordinary challenges or have relations within financial institutions before getting a loan.

 "We must succeed in deconstructing this popular belief by facilitating access to information, and sometimes in a neutral environment such as trade shows. It has even been proved that some young entrepreneurs found it hard to initially reach out to financial institutions even though the institution offers real business potentials,” the organizer adds.

"Financial Facility Cameroon 2021" wants to demonstrate that credit institutions have indeed appropriate and adequate financial services that allow entrepreneurs, project holders, or ordinary customers to avoid the trap of the informal financial sector, which destroys their operations or projects. It, therefore, proposes to be an ice breaker where business leaders and credit institutions will meet.


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